Sitka Blacktail Deer

All hunts are conducted on foot & carrying a backpack. Bear and Deer hunts are conducted from comfortable base camp tents outfitted with the latest amenities & enough food to keep you charging hard for your hunt. Mountain goat hunts are spike camps using one or two man tents. Clients are expected to carry a backpack with their personal gear and food. Pack size will determine what type of hunt it is. If you think you may need an extra packer, we can arrange it.

Hunt Details:

Season: August 1- December 31st.

Hunts generally conducted November 8- December 5th. If interested outside these dates please reach out to discuss what time may work for you. If you desire an early season velvet buck we advise a hunt between 8/1- 8/15.

• 2 bucks ( second buck can be harvested only if larger / more mature than first.
• 2 fox (Kodiak has Red, Silver & Cross fox (red & silver mix)
• 5 day hunts
• 1x1 - $11,500
• 2x1 - $9,500
• Extra Packer $2,500
• Non-Hunter $2,500
• Cabins available at an extra cost.

Deer hunts are a great hunt to bring a group of up to 4 hunters. We have conducted many corporate hunts over the years. This hunt is a great way to thank employees, and also enlighten them if need be to the harsh environments that the products / gear they produce will be used in.

Deer hunts are conducted from basecamps. These camps consist of large high quality tents, outfitted with up to date gear (cots, chairs, cook stoves, lanterns, heaters,). Meals consist of meats /vegetables & Peak refuel meals. Meals in camp will be determined by the logistics of the camp location. Blacktail deer are quite tasty so we will cook a few different meals for you. Each day will consist of a hearty breakfast & BRCC Coffee. After breakfast we will throw on our packs and head to the spotting knob to glass. Our camps are located in the heart of deer county. Many great bucks have been taken right from camp. After glassing the area we will hike out for the day & return in the evening. Days generally consist of 2-5 miles of hiking.

Method of take:

Rifle:6.5 CM -300 win mag. (Keep in mind, you are in bear country a larger caliber is preferred when shooting a bear off your guide)

Archery: Normal whitetail setup will do! (We are not fans of mechanical heads, but you do you. Just keep in mind if you wound an animal you will punch your tag.

Trophy Handling: The owner Cole Kramer has extensive knowledge of trophies care. Kramer started working for a taxidermist in 2002 & opened his own trophy expediting business (Kodiak Expediting Services) in 2009. Rest assure your trophies are in excellent hands & will be taken care of in a professional timely manor.

All trophy handling (skinning, fleshing, salting, drying) will be taken care of by KKGS team. Hunter will pay for materials & shipping of Trophies.