Brown Bear Hunts

All hunts are conducted on foot & carrying a backpack. Bear and Deer hunts are conducted from comfortable base camp tents outfitted with the latest amenities & enough food to keep you charging hard for your hunt. Mountain goat hunts are spike camps using one or two man tents. Clients are expected to carry a backpack with their personal gear and food. Pack size will determine what type of hunt it is. If you think you may need an extra packer, we can arrange it.

Hunt Details

Spring Season: April 1 – May 15
Fall Season: October 25 – November 30th
• 11 Days of Hunting
• $37,500
• Non Hunter Fee $3,500
• All bear hunts on Kodiak will include a second guide/packer to assist.

We will only target Old Mature Boars. Basecamps are high quality outfitter tents outfitted with up to date gear (cots, chairs, lanterns, heaters,). Meals consist of meats /vegetables & Peak refuel meals. Meals in camp will be determined by the logistics of the camp location.

Each day will consist of a hearty breakfast & BRCC Coffee. After breakfast we will throw on our packs and head to the spotting knob to glass for the entire day. Our spotting knobs are usually located fairly close to camp, so as not spread scent in the valley. Bears have a sensitive nose that can smell us up to a mile away. We are cautious where we hike and only do so when the wind & time is right. Rain or shine we will hunt! “You must be present to win!” Your guide will set up a tarp to sit under if the weather becomes undesirable, this will help keep you and your bino’s dry to keep glassing. Make no mistake, rain and wind will not detour bears from moving. Lunch will be served on the hill along with large amounts of snacks, coffee, cocoa, or tea. Once the sun sets behind the mountains and darkness creeps in we will head to camp for dinner and an excellent nights rest. The right Gear is of the upmost importance on this hunt, we will provide a gear list that is important to follow.

Methods of take:

NOTE: If you wound a bear you must punch your tag, this is according to Alaska F&G for our hunting areas. Choose the weapon you are most proficient with.

Rifle: preferred caliber 375 H&H w/ Barnes 250 -300gr. TSX Acceptable calibers 338 win mag – 458 LOTT

Archery: You will only hunt with an archery set-up approved by the outfitter (Cole Kramer). ABSOLUTLY NO MACHANICAL HEADS. If you cannot abide by this you will not hunt with our operation. Preferred setup, minimum 70 lb Bow, fixed 2 blade single bevel broadhead, 650 gr. Total Arrow setup weight. Lighted nocks, bright color wraps.

Your guide is making a split second decision once you shoot. It’s his life & yours on the line once the bear is hit by your arrow. A well placed arrow will do its job in a mater less than a minute. If the shot is not in the vitals/fatal the bear will be shot by the guide or hunter with a rifle.

The outfitter has guided many successful archery brown bear hunters since 2004. Including the Pope & Young World Record Archery Brown Bear taken on the Alaskan peninsula. The bears we are targeting are the largest bears on earth and is no time for trendy, hypothetical, theoretical bow/ arrow setups.. We have seen many setups that have not worked & produced a highly undesirable situation. It is in your best interest to listen to our experienced guides, not the internet/ store salesman.

Trophy Handling: The owner Cole Kramer has extensive knowledge of trophies care. Kramer started working for a taxidermist in 2002 & opened his own trophy expediting business (Kodiak Expediting Services) in 2009. Rest assure your trophies are in excellent hands & will be taken care of in a professional timely manor.

All trophy handling (skinning, fleshing, salting, drying) will be taken care of by KKGS team. Hunter will pay for materials & shipping of Trophies.