Mountain Goat Hunts

All hunts are conducted on foot & carrying a backpack. Bear and Deer hunts are conducted from comfortable base camp tents outfitted with the latest amenities & enough food to keep you charging hard for your hunt. Mountain goat hunts are spike camps using one or two man tents. Clients are expected to carry a backpack with their personal gear and food. Pack size will determine what type of hunt it is. If you think you may need an extra packer, we can arrange it.

Hunt Details

Our hunt dates: August 20- October 20 • 7 days of hunting • $12,500 • Extra packer $2,500 • Non-hunter fee $2,500

The mountain goat hunts we offer are in a draw area that require you to apply in December the year before you want to hunt. Results are posted generally in mid- February. Alaska has no point system, so only apply the years you want to hunt. We will apply you for this hunt. Once a hunter draws a permit the preparation begins. These hunts can be extremely physical. Hunters are expected to carry their personal gear & food. After harvesting a goat, your guide may ask you to help haul part of camp or meat. Hunters should be training throughout the year in order to be prepared for this hunt. If you have concerns of your physical limitations we can arrange for an extra packer to come along. The right Gear is of the upmost importance on this hunt, we will provide a gear list that is important to follow. Camps consist of one man, two man tents & also floorless shelters. We will be a mobile unit moving with camp on our backs. We prefer to move with the goats instead of the base camp & hike for hours each day theme that many hunters have experienced. After close to 100 successful mountain goat hunts and 100% success on shot opportunity, we feel we understand & will do what it takes to get you into position with Rifle or bow.

Method of take:

Rifle: min caliber 6.5 CM – 338 win mag

Archery: A good heavy duty broadhead / arrow set up is advised.

Note: Mountain Goats are extremely tough animals with heavy duty bones & long thick hair. Goats have a great desire to reach the cliffs once shot, so its important to make your shot count to break them down before they leap off into the abyss.

Trophy Handling: The owner Cole Kramer has extensive knowledge of trophies care. Kramer started working for a taxidermist in 2002 & opened his own trophy expediting business (Kodiak Expediting Services) in 2009. Rest assure your trophies are in excellent hands & will be taken care of in a professional timely manor.

All trophy handling (skinning, fleshing, salting, drying) will be taken care of by KKGS team. Hunter will pay for materials & shipping of Trophies.